Introducing The Now Step® Method to provide new solutions for mental health management in the workplace

Lyn Penman, the UK’s leading solution-focused mental health expert, has created an innovative and unique mental health management method called The Now Step®.

With more emphasis being placed on workplace mental health than ever before, this exciting new method is specifically designed to support large organisations and individual professionals alike in prioritising and managing their mental health.

Lyn, who is a qualified Psychotherapist, developed this life-changing method after experiencing burnout and severe anxiety juggling four children with the corporate world.

On a mission to support those with mental health challenges, she retrained in Psychotherapy and combined her experience to create The Now Step® Method.

About the Now Step® method

A unique combination of a spectrum of mental health approaches, including:

  • Psychotherapy, Solution-focused Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, Physiology and Psychoeducation

  • Designed specifically to empower individuals to find calm, confident solutions to thefuture-without looking back on painful memories

  • The Now Step Method® can be delivered 121, in group settings or by joining Lyn’s monthly membership The Female Mind Retreat

We need to turn conventional mental health management on it's head!

It's Time for a new way!

Are you ready to be a leader in a new solution focused way to manage mental health in the workplace?

I'm Lyn and I'm so pleased you are here!

I work with major organisations, business owners and professionals helping them to manage the new pandemic that is mental health.

Using my self-developed unique method, The Now Step® I show you how to manage your mind, get peace with your thoughts and to find freedom contentment and happiness.

Work with me and lets find a solution to a free, confident and happy future.

So What Do My Clients Say About Working With The Now Step®?

And My Corporate Clients

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