Why isn’t a corporate counselling programme helping your employees?

Feb 28, 2022

During a 12-week counselling programme you talk about the problem.

Looking back through your past to find the answer.

Blaming your anxiety on your dads drinking, or your binge eating on the fact your Gran fed you too many sweets.

Trying to find the answer for the state of your current mental health and the reason you sabotage every new relationship you have; don’t think you are good enough and get angry so easily. Drudging through all the past pain, reliving it trying to find blame.

 Do this for a minute for me………think back to a conversation you have had this week with your best friend or your partner……..a conversation you were having about a past event….. A day ago or a week ago…….you were moaning….you were talking negatively……how much your Mother in law had upset you off or how rude your boss was to you, telling them AAALLLL about it in every fine detail. Take yourself back there right now. How did you feel? What emotions were in your body? What were your facial expressions? And what was your friend saying back? How did they look and act? Tense agitated and angry I bet.

 How do you feel right now playing that event back? sad, anxious?

 You see when we go back over our past, we relive the event. We go through it all over again. The mind is the most incredible machine, but it is stupid that way. It can’t distinction between what is real and what is imagined. So, in counselling sessions and in any therapy sessions that take you back over your past they are making you feel worse rather than better. That negative conversation with your best mate! It did the same. The tense conversation with your colleague about what happened yesterday- that did the same.

 Corporate counselling sessions are not the answer to managing mental health within your organisation. Talking about the problem is not the answer.

 If you want a new solution to supporting your employees with their mental health, then please message me or email me at [email protected]

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