But Now What?

We need to turn conventional mental health management on it's head - because, lets be honest, it hasn't worked so far!

How We Measure Progress

It is important for employee confidence and mental wellness that they are able to see their progress every week.

This is where The Now Step® method stands apart from other mental health management. There are weekly progress checks which gives clarification to the employee which part of the brain they are operating from and the improvements from last week. It also is a great way to show how successful and results driven the Now Step® method is to YOU the client.

Let me explain.......

One of the huge benefits of the Now Step® method is that it helps rewire the brain to the left pre frontal cortex and The Intellectual Mind(IM).

The IM is the positive part of the brain that allows for great mental health, motivation and productivity.

The Limbic Primitive Mind (PM) is the negative, obsessional brain that allows anxiety, depression, anger and general poor mental health to take over.

On the graph the blue line is the average persons emotional wellness. Any score below that line suggests PM control and any score above the line suggests IM control.

The Now Step® method aims to have your organisation running with all employees in IM control.

= good mental health

= increased productivity

= less absence

= company morale and reputation at an all time high

Introducing The Now Step®

The Now Step® Method provides new solutions for mental health management in the workplace

Lyn Penman, the UK’s leading solution-focused mental health expert, has created an innovative and unique mental health management method called The Now Step®.

With more emphasis being placed on workplace mental health than ever before, this exciting new method is specifically designed to support large organisations and individual professionals alike in prioritising and managing their mental health.

Lyn, who is a qualified Psychotherapist, developed this life-changing method after experiencing burnout and severe anxiety juggling four children with the corporate world. On a mission to support those with mental health challenges, she retrained in Psychotherapy and combined her experience to create The Now Step® Method.

The Now Step® Method is a unique combination of a spectrum of mental health approaches, including:

  • Psychotherapy, Solution- focused Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Neuroscience,Physiology and Psychoeducation

  • Designed specifically to teach individuals to find calm, confident solutions to the future-without looking back on painful memories.

  • The Now Step Method® can be delivered 121 or in group settings

Corporate Client Testimonials

About Lyn

Psychotherapist Lyn Penman is registered with the National Council of Psychotherapists and works with a range of corporate and professional clients, using her unique Now Step® method to achieve amazing results.

Lyn runs a successful membership
The Female Mind Retreat for professional women, is an experienced speaker at corporate events and is also working on her debut publication, 'The Now Step® the latest solution to your mental health,’ which is due for publication September 2022.

Lyn is on hand for expert advice on all areas of psychotherapy; including Improving mental health Mental health in the workplace Burnout and female mental health Menopause managementIf you are ready to be a leader in a new solution focused way to manage mental health, then contact me at lyn@lynpenman.com